Monday, April 14, 2014

Olay Regenerist Advance Anti Aging Collection

a picture of olay regenerist skin care line

Happy Sunday all. Today I wanted to bring back Skin Care Sunday by sharing with you a few products from the Olay Regenerist Line Being that I am in my 30's its time that I start taking more care of my skin. Anti- Aging products is one of those things that I feel can be a touchy subject for some since we really don't want to admit that the skin is aging. Olay has come out with a line that caters to the premature and advance signs of aging where hydration is their #1 goal. The Regenerist line has a few products that I have been trying out that i felt was worth speaking on. The four products today that I will be going more in depth on one not pictured here (sorry) is the Regenerist micro sculpting eye cream & lash serum duo , the Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum and the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
a picture of olay regenerist micro sculpting eye cream and lash duo

Regenerist micro sculpting eye cream & lash serum duo : This duo has many benefits to offer for Anti Anging. It is designed to treat the eyelids along with the lashes for a total transformation. After the first use I noticed that my lashes looked noticeably thicker and around my eyes felt lifted and smoother as well.

application instructions
Use Regenerist Eye & Lash Duo in two steps: 

First, using your ring finger, gently dab the Eye Cream under your eye and on the lid to soften the appearance of lines and smooth the look of lids. 

Second, use the lash brush to sweep serum onto lashes, instantly coating to thicken and nourish lashes. After lashes dry, top with your favorite mascara, if desired.
A picture of Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting serum

 Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum: The serum is one like every other serum its used under your moisturizer twice a day. However its target ares are the Jawline as well as the brow to give more of a tight lifted look to the face. It is infused with Amino Peptides and B3 complex I really liked the feel of serum it was not greasy hydrated my skin and It didn't leave a sticky residue that I have experienced with other serums. Instead it blended well into my skin before I applied my moisturizer. This serum is designed to soften the look of fine lines, wrinkles and works on improving the skins over all texture in as little as 5 days.

application instructions
Use Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum in the morning and at night. Apply with your fingertips, massaging the serum onto your face and neck in an upward circular motion. Focus on areas like the brow and jaw line.
A picture of Olay wrinkle revolution complex

Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex :  This one is my favourite out of them all. Those of you my readers that are in your 30's into 40's or even the ones that are using Olay Anti- Aging products as prevention. Who doesn't want this product! This one is a must have! It has Micro fillers and light diffusing particles with help aide in the  look of those fine lines and crows feet right by the eye area. Because it hydrates the skin, you will see quite a difference in about 14 days. Now because I don't have too much of the fine lines and crows feet around my eyes I did not see too much of a difference however I did notice that around my eyes looked much more awake than normal. Which I am totally okay with.

Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream :  This cream is fragrance free and prior to the launch, this particular cream was researched and formulated after 50 years. The Olay Cream has the highest concentration of the brands signature  Amino Peptides  and B3 complex. It firms the appearance of sagging skin, restores elasticity and smooths the skin's surface.

I really enjoyed using these products and seeing what they had to offer in such little time. They truly lived up to the time frame in which results can be seen. Being that they are more of a high end drugstore brands its reassuring to see that the quality and time taken to execute products like this for Anti-Aging were well thought of and have been tested and improved to perform for greatly.

Have any of you used anything from this line? If so what are your faves?

*these products were sent for consideration

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Saint Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection Island Beauty Face Compact

Picture of the Mark Beauty Face Compact from the St Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection

Hello all, Hope your day is going well. Here is another product from one of my previous posts from the St Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection from Mark. Cosmetics. This compact is a passport to your gorgeous summer glow St Barts style. To use you have the option to swirl the waves altogether or use them individually for bronzing, highlighting or as a blush. The compact is also perfect for all skin tones.

Picture of the Mark Beauty Face Compact from the St Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection

MAC Playland Spring 2014 Collection+ Wishlist

A picture from the MAC Playland CollectionWell Spring has finally arrived both in reality and the beauty world. MAC will be launching the Playland Collection in the next few weeks. However the actual launch date is a mystery. I've heard of a few different launch dates such as April 7 and the newest date April 15 for the US. In North America I've gotten the dates April 17th. Stay tuned via my Twitter to find out the exact launch dates!this awesome collection of brights was one that I wanted to share with you. What will you be picking up? Check out my wishlist belowA picture of pigments, chromographic liners and Casual colours from Mac Playland Collection

Casual Colour – Limited Edition – $21.00/ $25.00 CAD

  • Hi Jinks! – bright coral (New)
  • Young at Heart – bright pink (New)
  • For Your Amusement – bright pastel pink (New)

Pigment – $21.00/ $25.00 CAD

  • Hi-Def Cyan – cyan blue (New, Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Ne0-Orange – intense neon salmon (Repromote)
  • Golden Olive – frosted green gold (Repromote)
  • Ever So Yellow – soft yellow with pearlized particles (New, Limited Edition)

Chromagraphic Pencil – $16.00/ $19.00 CAD

  • Process Magenta – matte magenta (New, Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Genuine Orange – bright orange (New, Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Hi-Def Cyan – cyan blue (New, Limited Edition, Repromote)
  • Black Black – deepest black (New, Limited Edition, Repromote)
A Picture of limited edtion lipsticks and glosses from Mac Playland collection

Lipstick – Limited Edition -  $15.00/ $18.00 CAD

  • Red Balloon – hot fuchsia (Amplified Creme) (New)
  • Happy Go Lucky – hot pink (Amplified Creme) (New)
  • Toying Around – hot coral pink (Amplified Creme) (New)
  • Sweet Experience – bright pink (Amplified Creme) (New)
  • Playland – frost yellow gold (Frost) (New)
  • Head in the Clouds – red with pearlized particles (Frost) (New)
  • Tickle Me – hot orange (Amplified Creme) (New & Asia Exclusive)
  • Enjoy It All – purple (Amplified Creme) (New & Asia Exclusive)

Lipglass – Limited Edition -  $15.00/ $18.00 CAD

  • Leave it Up – creamy orange (New)
  • Lots of Laughs – creamy peach (New)
  • Pure Silliness – creamy lilac (New)
  • Carousel – creamy pink (New)
  • Brightside – creamy yellow (New)

My Wish List:
Chromographic Pencils:
Genuine Orange
Hi Def Cyan
Black Black

Red Balloon
Happy Go Lucky
Tickle Me
Enjoy it all
Toying Around
Sweet Experience
Play Land

Monday, April 7, 2014

Avon Perfect Nude Shades True Color Eyeshadow Quads Swatches

Hello All ! Hope your day is going well. Its pretty gloomy outside here in Toronto because its getting ready to rain. Like the old saying goes April showers Bring May flowers. So im okay with that! This evening I wanted to share with you two new quads from Avon. These quads are the perfect nudes for many skin tones to create that effortless look for the Spring and Summer season. 
These quads are really easy to use because they are numbered. They are true to the colour and the lasting power is great too.
Being that these quads are numbered I wanted to go over which way they are to be used

#1 Brow bone-(highlight colour)
#2Accent colour this can be used in the inner corner of the eye to create depth and to make the eyes appear larger
#3 Medium- I call this the crease colour. It can be used to deepen the crease
#4 Darkest- This can be used at the lashline to create more of a sultry eye. It can also be used in the crease to create more of a smokey eye. It can also be used wet as eye liner.

These quads are available in four neutral shade combinations to choose from
*Naked Truth 
Barely There 
Go Natural 
*Grin & Bare It
( names with an Asterisk are the ones photographed in this post) 

Available as of May 2014 through Avon Independent Sales Representatives,
1-800-265-AVON or online at

Sephora Formula X Haul

Sephora Formula X Haul
Over the top, Here comes the sun, Mastermind, Omni
Sephora's Formula X has got to be the most happening nail polish line. With a huge variety of colour, texture, finish and shine. You can come up with the most amazing manicures that will make heads turn. Since spring is here I picked a few colours that were bright and bold for this season. The formulation of this line is amazing you literally only need about one coat for complete opacity. They are worth checking out! below are some swatches from the colours that I picked up.

Over the top: Pastel lime green( two coats needed)
Here comes the sun: Hot Coral Red
Matermind: Burgundy Purple Metallic
Omni: Royal Blue

Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-Skin+ Giveaway

Spring has finally sprung. Now that we can ditch the Winter clothes and Outerwear its time to prep for the Spring and Summer. First up on the list and getting those arms pits soft and smooth and moisturized after this harsh cold Winter we've just experienced. I wanted to share with you a new Deodorant from the Lady Speed stick line. Because our pits are one of the sensitive areas from waxing, shaving, wearing long sleeves as well as sweating. Lady speed stick has formulated a new deodorant called Nutra-Skin infused with Vitamin E it will provide the skin with 24 protection. Enriched with moisturizers to soothe the skin. Here are a few of the important aspects of this new formula.

·       Contains Vitamin E and skin conditioning emollients
·       Formula contains over 30% skin conditioning agents
·       Extra-effective wetness protection
·       24 hour efficacy in an invisible formula
·       Fresh new scent

Available in stick (45 gram) and roll on (50 mL) format for a suggested retail price of $2.99. Now available at major retailers across Canada. 

Since I have been using this deodorant my arm pits have been alot softer than usual. The scent is very soft and clean smelling. I really love the fact that it is also available in a roll on too because I tend to use roll on's more in the summer for the less heavier feel of product under my arms. To celebrate the Spring season. I will be giving away 1 Deodorant to 1 lucky winner in Canada only.

*This was a sponsored post. Products were provided for review and posting consideration

Friday, April 4, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque 1-2-3 Review and Swatches

Hello All! I've got some great lacquers to share with you. L'Oreal has brought us the perfect gel manicure set that can be done from the comfort of our home. This system is a 3 part system that provides all of the benefits from a salon gel manicure at a fraction of the price. What is most impressive about this system is that you avoid all of the hassles and harmful effects from UV lights. You are left with a high impact glossy color and incredible shine that lasts for days.

This system is available in 21 shades to choose from and has an exclusive rubber-silicone formula that coat the nail in perfect. The Kit retails for $15.99 and the colours sold separately are $8.99.
The steps for using this system are quite simple. As they are all number in order of application.
Step 1: Primer- covers ridges and layers on volume
Step 2: Plumper(colour of choice) Provides rich, chip free and fade free colour that lasts for days
Step 3: Magnifier Amplifies and further plumps the colour with a resilient and magnifying shine.

Colours shown: 

#705 Fashions Finest
#714 Shinetastic
#717 Vintage Vinyl
#718 Elegance in Innate
#720 Hot Couture

Monday, March 31, 2014

Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Collection

A picture of Cover Girl Lip perfection lipsticks

Hey guys today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite drug store brands of lipstick. Cover Girl is one the of the few brands that have the most pigmented, creamy textures that has an extensive colour range from reds to pinks to corals and let's not forget neutrals.

This Cover Girl Lip Perfection  line has trans-formative silk moisturizing complex to leave the lips feeling very moisturized. As well in just 7 days you will have the most beautiful lips you can think of.

Below are swatches of my Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipsticks current collection. Its hard to narrow it down to my current faves. The whole line is one that i hope to collect as i go along.

What are you faves from this brand? Let me know in the comments below.

a picture of covergirl lip perfection lipsticks

a picture of covergirl lip perfection lipstick swatches in #256,#305,#307,#327,#350,#355

Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links Swatches+ Review

Happy Monday all, Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today I wanted to share with you some swatches from the new Revlon ColorStay Shadow Links shadows. These shadows allow you you have alot of versatility with colours. You can go from a neutral palette to throw into your purse for work. Or you can click in a black and change your look into a night time look for a night out with your friends.Basically you can mix, match and just click the colours together that you want.


I did find that there was a little bit of fallout from these shadows so you do have to use a really good primer and a dense flat brush to apply it. As well with many other shadows you are able to wear them wet these ones however, once you wet your brush and swipe the shadow it creates a film on the shadow which can ruin the shadows. I do think they are great for beginners and for those on a budget.


  • Packaging
  • Variation of Colour/Finishes
  • Price
  • Fall out
  • Colour pay off

Have you picked up any of these shadows? What are your thoughts on them?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Saint Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection

New Saint Barts Soleil Instant Vacation Collection
Eau De Toilette Spray
Price $24.00 CAD

Hey all I wanted to share with you a new fragrance that I have been using lately. Mark. Cosmetics will be launching the Soleil Instant Vacation Collection this May to get many of us into the mood for Spring and Summer. Over the next couple days I will be posting about a couple of items that were sent to me from this collection. This particular fragrance reminds me of paradise... Or what I would love paradise to smell like. It really reminds me of a day on the beach at my favourite vacation spot.
With a blend of fresh Caribbean waters, exotic Coconut Milk and Frangipani flower this fragrance will definitely take your senses on a journey to a warm summer vacation resort.
You can order this fragrance in May when it becomes available through an Avon Rep or online at

**This product was sent for review 

Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel Post

Bargain beauty products: 4 complete makeup looks for $25 or less!

bargain beauty products janella
Janella Panchamsingh
Toronto | Bold n Beautiful Makeup
Beauty on a budget is very important to me. I look for various ways to stretch my dollar as much as I can, especially because after working in the beauty industry I know there are misconceptions on how well products perform based on their prices. I am always out to prove that more expensive products don’t always perform as well as their price tags. These are a few of my favourite items right now, for a look that costs just over $25—which is perfect for a beauty on a budget.
Products used: Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow Quad in “Khaki Chic” ($10), Red Cherry Lashes #523 ($1.50), NYX Blush in “Copper” ($3.50) Maybelline Buff Collection Lipstick in “#945” ($8.00), Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in “Caramel” ($5.00)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mark. Cosmetics all butter up now lip treats: swatches and review

Hey guys I wanted to share with you new lip products brought to you from Mark. Cosmetics. 
These lip products are infused with Shea, cocoa, and mango seed butter and are made to treat dry,rough lips. They are available in 4 shades

Coraltini - blood orange shine
Bare all - neutral brown shine
Baby me - baby pink shine
Pop tart - fuchsia shine

I really love how pigmented these lip treats are. They keep my lips super hydrated and have a great fruity scent. The packaging is super cute as well with a pink chrome like finish with the name mark. Embossed all through it. These lip treats will retail for $12.00 and will be available as of April.

What do you think about these lip treats. How well do you think mark. Has done to bring us innovative beauty products?
Let me know in the comments below


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Trend Alert: Orange Lips

Here is another look I did for a popular trend this year Orange Lips. Whats your thoughts on wearing Orange lips? Yay or Nay?

Orange lipstick: 11 Beauty Panel tips on wearing spring’s brightest makeup trend

Janella Panchamsingh
Toronto | Bold n Beautiful Makeup
My tips for wearing orange lips is to cocktail. Play around with different hues of orange as well as different finishes, i.e. matte, satin or glossy. The best way to know what your “ideal” orange shade is knowing your undertone. Skin tones that are more fair are best suited to wear a more cooler type of orange and or lighter shades. Skin tones that are more warm can more times wear both a warm and cool orange shades.
Products used: M.A.C Lipstick in “Sounds like Noise” and “Lady Danger,” NYX lipliner in “Orange”

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to: Highlighting & Contouring

Beauty Panel

Hello all I wanted to share with you a submission I had done recently for Fashion Magazine. This particular post was on how to highlight and contour the face. With my particular face shape and features I don't have to overly contour and highlight my face. Nor do I particularly like the look. I find it looks to over done and fake and it take away from the natural beauty features that we want to accentuate in the first place.  Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments below how you prefer to highlight and contour. As well as what products you like to use.

How to contour: 7 Beauty Panel tricks for crafting a flawless complexion

how to contour janella
Janella Panchamsingh
Toronto | Bold n Beautiful Makeup
Contouring and highlighting can be very confusing for some. There is a lot to take into consideration when doing these two beauty tricks, such as face shape, bone structure and facial features. There are many ways to contour and highlight, however the best way to do it without becoming overwhelmed is to focus on the areas that the sun/light naturally hit. You want to bring those areas out more (with a highlight) and then contour (shade) the areas around the highlight.
Products used: Nars Creamy Concealer in “Biscuit,” Dermablend Cover Cream in “Toasted Brown,” Smashbox Photo Open Under Eye Brightener, M.A.C Blush in “Blunt,” M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish in “Whispering Guilt”

Monday, March 10, 2014

Melt Cosmetics Swatches + Review

Hey All, It feels like forever since I've done a blog post. I've been under the weather since last Wednesday and this sickness has gone through 4 out of 5 of my family members in my home. Since I am home today I wanted to share with you my most recent and last beauty purchase until the summer.

If you are an Instagram finatic and love makeup hopefully you have come across this Indie brand called Melt Cosmetics This brand is a cruelty free line that specializes in bringing the most pigmented ultra matte formula lipstick with a vanilla cake scent(which I wasn't a fan of. It reminded me more of play dough but the smell didn't last long). I picked up 3 of the colours that I was most interested in trying and I am very happy with them. They are very matte so for those that suffer from dry lips these may not be for you. Unless you really moisturize the lips from the night before.

The packaging is very simple and cute as well as sturdy. The application fro an ultra matte was very easy to work with as well. With the fact that these are an ultra matte finish I did experience some staining as I would any other lipstick of this finish however the plus side of that is that it lasted all day long. I ate, drank and did my normal activities and the lipstick still stay perfectly. I didn't even experience and feathering.

The shipping isn't too bad at $10 to Canada with a tracking number. My suggestion would be to get every colour you are looking at trying out because its still $10 no matter if you purchase 1 or 10 of them. The shipping was fairly quick too I had ordered on a weekend and they arrived about 4-5 days later. I would definitely be purchasing again in the near future to get more unique colours they have to offer.

Lip colour in this pic is shady lady

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NEW! Avon Femme Eau De Parfum

This is my current love. This Fragrance is a glamour and sophisticated signature scent that is a mix of floral and fresh scent.

The inspiration behind this fragrance came from the red carpet to a glittery soiree where all cameras flash and the stars sparkle as she savors the attention she is given. This is Avon's newest fragrance for women where all women can be there own star with a scent that is inspired by sparkling faceted florals and classic feminine notes.

The Notes:

Sparkling Fruits: A combination of pink Grapefruit, Pear and Peach skin gives the fragrance its invigorating brightness and delectable, addictive appeal.
Feminine Flowers: Blooming Jasmine Petals, Gardenia Blossoms, Magnolia and Waterlily combine to deliver enchanting, multifaceted floral olfactive.
Sensual Aromatics: Rich, luxurious amber woods and sweet musk add a smooth creamy tone to envelop the wearer in warmth for a sensual finish

This fragrance is available for purchase as of April 2014 through Avon independent sales reps or online at and will retail for $35.00 for a 50ml bottle

L'Oreal Revitalift Intensive Overnight Mask : Review

Available at Mass Retailers and drugstores across Canada $35.99
 Hey guys I wanted to share this phenomenal Skin care mask I have been using lately. As the skin starts to age its only natural for it not to have to ability to fights signs of common concerns like aging. With the busy life that many of us Women face on a daily basis we are always looking for a Skin care product that has to main factors: Inexpensive and Effective.

The Revitalift Intensive Overnight Mask is a hydrating leave on nightly mask is a creamy mask that is infused with the latest innovation ELASTI- FLEX. What this does is copy the skins natural elasticity with quick absorption to the skin, this mask still has a protective layer to hug the skin at night while we sleep and the skin starts it repairative job. This is also the first night treatment that combines concentrated super ingredient Pro-Xylane™ with botanical extract Centella asiatica .  

Which improves the firmness and elasticity in the skin overnight.

Review: The first night that I used it I noticed quite the difference in the morning. My skin felt alot more supple with a slight lift to the skin. As well it felt more relaxed and less stressed at it has been over these horrible Winter months. Right now for the first time ever I am experiencing dry itchy flaking skin around my nose and since I've been using the mask it has calmed and soothed the area tremendously. I would say that this is one of those products that you can guarantee results after the first use. I give this product and A+ for delivering great results and making my skin morning beautiful!

*This product was sent for review all opinions are honest and my own

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Introducing Beyonce RISE: A new scent for women Press Release

Beyoncé believes a woman’s power comes from within and when a woman connects with her very essence, she revels in her individuality, her strength, and her beauty. To honour this elevated and empowering attitude, Beyoncé was inspired to create her newest scent, RISE.
"The spirit of RISE encourages women to be all that we are,” said Beyoncé.

A new Fragrance to bring out the "Sasha Fierce" in every woman this fragrance is sure to have all heads turning. This rich intoxicating floral scent is full of top notes such as Italian Bergamot,  Golden Apricot and Iced Basil Sorbet. With luscious middle notes of Gold Symphony Orchid, Freesia Blossom and Natural Jasmine Sambac and sensual bottom notes that include Autumn Woods Accord, Cashmere Musk and Vetiver Extract.

 Gold is also featured prominently in the RISE bottle designed by Ken Hirst. The gold juice is encased in a tall, elegant glass bottle that emulates the trajectory of Beyoncé’s ability, and will, to rise above it all. The undulating gold collar flows around the soft lines of the bottle evoking a melodic sense of rhythm and perpetual motion. The cap’s sculptural cluster of golden crystals ascends even higher, exuding strength and fortitude. Combining gold accents and crystal clear glass, crisp lines and smooth edges, the Rise bottle perfectly captures Beyoncé’s resilient spirit and graceful femininity.
The RISE collection has been designed to deliver this alluring new scent in several fragrant forms. You can choose to wear one alone or combine them to give you the inspiration you need to reach new heights.

Available March 2014:
Eau de Parfum – 15ml MSRP $19.99– Available exclusively at mass retailers.
Eau de Parfum – 30ml MSRP $39.00 – Available at mass and drug.
Eau de Parfum – 50ml MSRP $59.00 – Available at drug.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

L'Oreal Sublime Fresh| Normal to Combination Skin + Giveaway

If you've read my other post on the L'oreal Sublime collection then you will know what an amazing line this is. These items here are also apart of the collection. This line is for normal to combination skin. It is infused with Salicylic Acid which is a purifying ingredient that provides the skin with antibacterial properties and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. They each retails for $11.99 and can be found at Mass Market retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart.

The goal for this line for L'oreal is to start a Skin cleansing movement across Canada to help women achieve the best skin they desire to feel beautiful.

Within this collection it includes:
Sublime fresh foam
Sublime fresh cloths
Sublime fresh gel
The purifying foaming cleanser is amazing, it has no soap or alcohol therefore I didn't experience and dry or tight feeling to my skin once I was finished washing it. The scent is very fresh smelling and the packaging and pump was really easy to use.
The Purifying Gel wash is another one of my of my favourites. It gives your skin a really fresh and squeaky clean feel again without the tight and dry feeling. These cleansers are the most amazing cleansers. The work just as well more times better than the higher over priced cleansers and are worth the purchase.

                         CONTEST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This contest will run now until March 14th at 12:00 am EST
Please see details on giveaway form on how to enter! 

Dive into Tone Ocean Therapy Body Washes: REVIEW + GIVEAWAY

With the frigid cold Winter that we have been experiencing lately I look for ways in which I can restore my skin with moisture where ever I can. I received these body washes and they came at the perfect time because my skin desperately needed them.

The deep sea extracts found in NEW Tone® Ocean Therapy Body Wash have
waves of healthy skin benefits, with all the reviving power of the ocean. Plus,
pearl essence is known to be rich in nutrients, giving your skin a daily
pampering experience packed with moisturizing benefits fit for any beautiful
mermaid! Now you possess the richness of soft skin everyday!

And don’t forget about the other indulgent flavours in the Tone® body wash
range – Mango Splash is juicy and sweet, and paired with moisturizing cocoa
butter and papaya extract, it’s even more delectable. For a more soothing
experience, try the dreamy, creamy lather of Tone® Oatmeal and Shea Butter 
with Vitamin E for oh-so-touchable skin.

REVIEW: Since I have been using these body washes I have noticed that my skin is alot softer and hold moisture alot better this winter. It also aided in the body butters that I use where my skin would normally drink up the moisture and still be dry. However since using the body washes when i apply my body butters my skin is glowing with radiance.

3 Lucky winners will win one Body wash at random to celebrate Ocean Therapy for the skin. This giveaway is open to CANADIANS ONLY!

Please follow requirements to enter Below:

1. Must be a follower( Canadian)
2.Must follow me on twitter @bnbmakeupart
3.Follow me on Instagram @boldnbeautifulmakeup
4. Leave a blog comment on what scent you would like to win

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: All items in this post were sent for consideration purposes

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LOTD: Hoochie

Todays LOTD was done with a few Glamour Doll Eyes loose shadows that I received for sponsorship purposes. I really love how this look turned out with the purple lip that I paired it with.

Products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sephora Jumbo Pencil- Purple
Glamour Doll Eye loose shadow- Tabloid (1/2 lid) Undead (outerlid) Chocoholic(lower lashline) Obsessed(crease)
Make Up For Ever khol liner - 1k
Red Cherry Lashes # 523
Lancome Doll Lashes
Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow- #30

Korres Vitamin E Primer
Kat Von D lock it Tattoo Foundation- #62
Urban Decay Naked Foundation - #7.0
MAC MSF- Double Definition
MAC Blusher- Blunt

OCC lip Tar- Hoochie